Bear Machine Learning


What is Bear?

Bear is a free and open source machine learning system that I have developed as a personal hobby since 2008.

How does Bear work?

Bear finds statistically significant dependencies between variables to build piecewise constant models.

It then models the residuals of each model with other similar models, and continues to build complex models.

Bear is similar to decision trees and random forests, but with a different philosophy and algorithm.

Its frequentist approach automatically avoids overfitting. It learns efficiently without needing neural networks.

Bear won’t “replace” existing ML or AI systems. It’s a machine learning engine that can be dropped into existing systems.

Bear tutorials

Bear code

A quick guide to building and running my free and open source ANSI C implementation of Bear is here.

Fine print

These Bear pages describe personal hobby research that I have undertaken since 2008.

All opinions are mine alone. All code is from my personal codebase, supplied under the MIT License.