Mr Inbetween on the Zapruder film

In 2022 my wife Sally and I were catching up with the FX Australian TV series “Mr Inbetween” when we were flabbergasted to see that the Zapruder film work that had been known only to scores of people in the early 2000s has now filtered through to popular culture (and we were cheering all the way!):

“Mr Inbetween” on the Zapruder film

(Season 2, Episode 2, “Don’t be a dickhead.”)


GARY: Th—that’s the official story… but, you know.

RAY: Yeah, but I think… I think there was a guy behind the fence—

GARY: Nah, but—

RAY: —on the knoll.

GARY: —that doesn’t make any sense. See, I don’t think there was anyone on the grassy knoll behind the fence. I think the shooter was in the pergola.

RAY: Where’s the pergola?

GARY: Well, the pergola’s on the grassy knoll, but it’s—it’s—it’s up near… more up north towards the Depository—it’s the big white building—the—the—the concrete one?

RAY: Mmm.

GARY: Yeah. And, uh… and this turn—there’s a photo—there’s two blokes, that are hiding in the pergola, and I reckon that’s where the head shot’s come from. And when the limo comes around the corner, where does it stop? [To GIRLFRIEND:] Where does it stop, babe? … [To RAY:] In front of the pergola.

RAY: Well, the limo didn’t stop.

GARY: How do you know it doesn’t stop?

RAY: Well, you look at the film. It slows down but it doesn’t stop.

GARY: Oh the Zapruder film?

RAY: Yeah.

GARY: Ohh… that—well… well, that’s bullshit, because the film’s doctored, so—

RAY: The Zapruder film is doctored?

GARY: Yeah, of course. Yeah.

RAY: Who doctored the Zapruder film?

GARY: Everyone knows the Zapruder film’s doctored… It went missing—

RAY: I didn’t—

GARY: —for years. And—and then it came back—it resurfaced, like, eight to twelve years later—

RAY: No one [unintelligible]…

GARY: —frames are missing. Yeah, that’s right. Well, frames are missing, and… Yeah. It just—it just doesn’t make any sense. It’s fucking bullshit.

[RAY and GARY take swigs of their beers]

GARY: So, yeah.