Australian flag suggestion

John Costella's Australian Flag proposal

Australian Flag proposal

With the growing movement for an Australian republic in the mid-1990s, the ramifications of severing our final ties with Britain were being considered. The National Anthem had already been changed in 1983 from God Save the Queen to Advance Australia Fair; but, curiously, the National Flag had not been changed at the same time, despite having the Union Jack pasted into the corner—the position of honor, in flag protocol.

I do believe that our flag will eventually change, perhaps decades from now, just as it is inevitable that we will eventually become a republic. It need not change radically. In any case, I thought I would have a go at designing a replacement.

My flag suggestion went through a few modifications in the months after I proposed my original design in 1995, thanks to feedback from flag experts. I have not changed it since then. (The use of the GIF format for the above image file reflects this—the PNG format wasn’t even invented until late 1996!)