Covid-19 curves

Created by John Costella using publicly-available source data:

NOTE: The European CDC has announced that, as of June 20, 2022, it has ceased collecting and publishing worldwide COVID-19 data. As a result, this page will no longer be updated.

All values are cumulative (totals).

To make it possible to see individual curves, not all countries, states, or counties are shown in most of the following graphs.

Cases for 12 selected countries

Deaths for 12 selected countries

CFRs for 12 selected countries

Cases for all states

Deaths for all states

CFRs for all states

Cases for top 12 states

Deaths for top 12 states

CFRs for top 12 states

Cases for top 50 countries

Deaths for top 50 countries

CFRs for top 50 countries

Cases for 12 selected counties

Deaths for 12 selected counties